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I enjoy graphic design projects and have taken a couple of classes on the subject. Below are some projects I have completed. Click any of the images to view in full size.

The Poster

A poster I made for an assignment in which I was to create a posted advertising any fictitious event. This assignment required me to work from scratch. I created the title text using shapes – no typing was used for this – and accented it. I also had to find a good font which worked well with the design, ensure colors worked together, and create a visual design that catches the eye.



This is a design for a small box I was tasked with creating as part of a packaging assignment. I was given the blank template and told to add graphics.


Magazine Cover

This is a fake magazine cover. For the assignment, I was to find a photo online and make a mock cover of Us Weekly with it. The photo I found on Google. The rest is entirely my work, including the replica of the Us Weekly title. This is what I came up with. Some of the things I had to work at were replicating the font style used in magazines such as this, as well as putting the “Us Weekly” title behind the subject of the photo. One of the most important aspects of this was creating an eye-catching title to draw someone in and make them look. “O.M.G. in giant letters” worked nicely.