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Below are some of the projects I’ve contributed my video or editing skills to.


My label maker project was my first foray into YouTube, which is something I would like to grow to be somewhat prominent on. I did this with a headset microphone as an experiment to see if I could replicate and tweak the video style of project logs in general on YouTube.


Art of the City is a documentary film I worked on with a partner, Keith Mullaly, during the earlier classes while I was working on my media degree. Clearly, my skills were still very much in development at the time. I also had the luxury of having some b-roll footage of Flint given to me with permission to use by Donald Young, an instructor I worked with at my job with the college.

This was put together during a documentary film class. Difficulties this project presented included interviews which were, at times, hastily arranged (I was not involved in setting up┬áthe interviews) and a general storyline of the film that was more my partner’s brainchild than my own, which made it challenging for me to fully understand it in a hurry in order to do this project. Overall though, I enjoyed it a lot. I had the opportunity to interview Flint’s mayor and learn about the city I was going to college in.


A Deal with the Devil is a project I worked on during my final semester at Mott Community College, where I earned my Associate’s Degree in Media Arts and Entertainment Technology. I was the cinematographer for this project. Working on it was a blast and I am pleased with the end result. The class this was done for was about cinema filmmaking, and as such, we had a team with the essential positions. Director Sean Stevens, Assistant Director Jeff Rogner, Sound Technician/Editor Vincent Norris, and Cinematographer/Lighting Director, myself.

Below is a brief test scene our team put together as part of our planning process. This helped us flesh out one scene of the film and acquaint us not only with working together, but the overall mechanics of putting together an individual scene.